Animation and Video Games

Terra creates fully embodied characters with motivation, and she works with directors to give a playful, multi-option approach to her voiceover work. Versatility is one of Terra’s strong skills. A small sampling of her characters include boy voices, teenage girl voices, nurturing mothers, a fearless queen leader, romantic lead, cocky sidekick, strong young adult warrior, Southern belle, pouty child, British nanny, old country man, computer voice, lead investigator, and more! 


Her signature voice for commercials is friendly, upbeat, conversational, and credible. With years of improv and acting experience, she strikes interesting and fun choices — from fun characters to very real and human. She is adept at providing options for directors and editors.


Whether it’s corporate narration, eLearning, a documentary, or full-fledged audiobook with characters galore, Terra’s got you covered. She knows how to bring just the right tone, voice, and style to your voiceover project. She is also fluent in Spanish.


Video Game


Boy Voices

Documentary Narration

Corporate Narration



Fiction: 2 Characters, 2 Accents

Fiction: YA, 3rd Person

Non-Fiction: Plant-Based Diet