Terra Wellington interviewed by Vitavibes

Vegetarians help the Environment - Vitavibes article

The “vegetarians help the environment” article talks about four key environmental benefits of eating less meat.  Terra is quoted about how reducing our meat consumption helps to lessen animal-waste runoff and groundwater pollution, as well as generating fewer greenhouse gasses.  While some livestock farms are better than others with animal waste storage and processing, there is the continual challenge of this waste leaching into groundwater and soils and also its runoff into the water system as pollution.

Other ways eating less meat can help the environment include preserving precious land resources and decreasing animal cruelty, both of which are discussed in the article.

While all agriculture and livestock industries can improve how they manage the land and their processes, including the use of water resources, one resounding fact is clear — eating less meat and more plants are nearly always better for the environment and our health.  For more information on the facts of reducing our meat consumption, NRDC posted a great summary of the eat-less-meat issue in July 2016 which you can read here.