New Book, The Reducetarian Solution

The Reducetarian Solution book

Terra Wellington contributes a chapter in the new book “The Reducetarian Solution” available for pre-order with an April 18, 2017 release.  The book is edited by President and Co-Founder of The Reducetarian Foundation Brian Kateman, with a foreword by Best-Selling Author Mark Bittman.

In the chapter, Wellington writes an essay entitled Simple Strategies for Success.  She talks about how she was able to reduce meat consumption in her family, for their health and for the environment.  And she motivates you and your family to do the same.

Giving a practical, lifestyle approach, she outlines the psychology of moving to a more plant-based diet — not necessarily becoming a vegetarian or vegan but rather simply reducing meat.  Wellington advocates Meatless Mondays, making delicious meatless meals, realizing there is a taste shift which takes time, and increasing your veggies and fruits.

The Reducetarian Solution is published by TarcherPerigee, a Penguin imprint.  Enjoy!