American Actor and Television Personality Terra Wellington is a talented performer, writer, advocate for healthy living and the environment, and supporter of human rights and humanitarian organizations.


An accomplished actor, Terra has played leading and supporting roles in numerous films and television series.  Most recently she was in the William Faulkner feature film adaptation, Mississippi Requiem, starring Topher Grace and Amy Smart.  Terra has also starred on CBS’ Criminal Minds, and has been a series regular on the family medical drama pilot “Rx.” More at

Writer & Producer

A creative force, she is currently developing a television drama series based on multiple intertwining families and social issues. Her narrative work focuses on telling imaginative stories about healing, finding truth and hope, and opening hearts.

Terra is also a known writer and editor for books, blogs, magazines, and her own nationwide column. They include contributor work for The Reducetarian Solution (TarcherPerigee, imprint of Penguin) which includes a foreword by Best-Selling Author Mark Bittman.  In the book, she advocates for simple meat-reduction strategies for your family’s health and to benefit the environment.

Wellington additionally is the author of The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home (St. Martin’s Press), a comprehensive real-person’s guide on how to help the planet and protect your family.

And previous works include her nationally syndicated column “Balanced Living” with celebrity interviews, Wellness Editor for the U.S. nationwide REAL women’s magazine, feature film adaptation writing, unscripted TV series development, and co-producer of a children’s TV series.

Lifestyle Television Personality

Based in the Los Angeles area, Terra regularly appears on morning TV and radio programs as a national wellness and eco-lifestyle advocate and contributor. She has been the focus of 2000+ media interviews, with 500+ media appearances.  Terra is an author and spokesperson on healthy living, food, eco, and “natural-bent” topics, and the Editor in Chief at

People & Planet

A long-time supporter of ocean conservation and environmental initiatives, Terra actively works to encourage the public to make better environmental choices.  She also is a champion of human rights, racial justice, and humanitarian organizations including UNICEF.