Terra Wellington

Terra Wellington is an actor, writer, producer, lifestyle television personality, and social/environmental activist.

She has a great love of helping the planet, telling impactful stories, and being a voice for important social causes.

One of the ways Terra Wellington has been so inspiring is with her work to shape U.S. public opinion on how to take better care of the planet through green living. She wrote The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green (St. Martin’s Press) and contributed to The Reducetarian Solution (TarcherPerigee, with foreward by Mark Bittman).

Another area of strong influence is Terra’s advocacy work for healthy living. Her nationwide syndicated column “Balanced Living” provided celebrity interviews and how-to advice. Her two national women’s magazine wellness editor positions also provided unique articles and celebrity profiles. And she is currently Editor in Chief of a mom-focus website that helps women and families to take better care of themselves and each other.

Additionally, Terra regularly talks about wellness and eco issues on morning TV and radio programs across the U.S. She has enjoyed an astounding 2000+ media interviews and 500+ media appearances as a high-end spokesperson. Terra has represented over 250 iconic brands, including Procter & Gamble, Disney, LG, Tom’s of Maine, Daiya, Headspace, and many more.

She is also a talented film and TV actor. Her leading and supporting roles include the William Faulkner feature film adaptation, “Mississippi Requiem,” starring Topher Grace and Amy Smart. Terra has also starred on CBS’ Criminal Minds. And she has been a series regular on the family medical drama pilot “Rx.” More at IMDb.com.

Further, Terra is also a screenwriter and producer. Her adapted screenplay, “Yankees West,” told the story of injustices and triumphs in 1930s Los Angeles. Her work as co-creator and writer on the children’s television series “Princess Zara” and the unscripted wellness series “Inside Out” aimed to make a difference for families. Terra’s current TV projects include two narrative television series via the Sundance Institute, both of which have deeply impactful women’s stories.