Stream up to 25 social channels at once


  • Expand your PR and social campaign in a cost- and time-effective way
  • Create instant organic engagement
  • Immediate national credibility and talent with Terra Wellington
  • Increase your call to action
  • Expert technical support for event creation and execution
  • Top-quality video to increase campaign visibility
  • Invite media to tune in for story development (advanced deskside approach)

Details: D S Simon Media works with you to create the event timeline and segment details, manage social media for the event, provide lead-up and on-site technical expertise, generate talent prep, and implement logistical support.

Options: You can pair an in-house or secondary expert with Terra Wellington for a talk-show type format; with this option Terra serves as a sort of “Kelly Ripa” with the guest host, leading the fun format and doing a lot of the moderating and keeping up the energy.  You can also roll in pre-planned media, live Q&A, and talk show-style topics.

Location and Length: Stream from a studio, on location, or a trade show floor.  Usual length is 30-60 minutes, but it can be tailored to your needs.

Add onto an SMT (sample info here) for significant social media engagement, or as a standalone social event.

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Terra Wellington is a lifestyle media personality and actress based in Los Angeles.  She is well known as a national wellness and eco authority.  Terra is an author and spokesperson on healthy living, food, eco, and “natural-bent” topics, and the Editor in Chief at SimpleMomsGuide.com.  She has worked with over 100 brands and campaigns to successfully amplify their messages and gain brand and campaign recognition.

A popular guest on local TV and radio stations across the country, she looks forward to working with you.