Producer, Writer Terra Wellington

Producer, Writer Terra Wellington has written and created for narrative TV/Film fiction, un-scripted TV programs, non-fiction books, magazines and newspapers. Additionally, she is also an exceptional creative producer for television and film, along with thousands of television segments for morning television.

Female-Lead Dramas

Currently, Terra is a producer/creator of two fantasy TV series with female leads: What Dreams Are Made Of and Magnolia Hill. She is also producer and writer on a psychological thriller film TORN, and also in development with a seaside science fantasy pilot. These projects follow her interest in humanizing female characters who struggle against the odds, counter stereotypes, deal with family situations, and overcome societal barriers. Additionally, she has leveraged her skills and experience as an actor to create multi-layered characters, with depth, intent, and feeling.

MAGNOLIA HILL by Producer Writer Terra Wellington
WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF by Producer Writer Terra Wellington

Commissioned Works

Previous creative works include creative producer development of the children’s live-action series Princess Zara, which had an imaginative world of storytelling and magic. She also co-created the unscripted lifestyle series Inside Out with a producer from Discovery — the series profiled wellness authorities and highlighted how-to’s. Additionally, Terra was commissioned to write the adapted feature screenplay Yankees West — about the injustices and triumphs in 1930s Los Angeles, informing her historical time period writing.

Books & Journalism

Her most recent books have focused on taking care of the planet and your family. She has written for the general public to help them more easily understand environmental issues. She has also given tips and how-to’s for combating climate change at home, in your community, and in the world at large. Terra’s environmental work has driven several story points in her TV series Magnolia Hill, including the political and everyday-family consequences.

Her published works include The Mom’s Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home (St. Martin’s Press). She is also chapter contributor to The Reducetarian Solution (TarcherPerigee). Additionally, Terra wrote Balanced Living (a U.S. syndicated column). And she was also the wellness editor for two U.S. national magazines Real and Fit Body.

Producer Writer Terra Wellington - The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family GreenProducer Writer Terra Wellington - The Reducetarian Solution