Media Coaching,
Messaging  Development, &
Content Projects

15+ years media expertise
Highly strategic messaging specialist
Top-tier media professional with 2000+ media interviews

◇ Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Eco ◇

Terra Wellington is a national wellness, health, and eco-lifestyle spokesperson with 15+ years of excellence and innovation at the intersection of creativity and strategy: expertise across media relations, creative content development, consumer brand messaging and PR strategy.


– Media coaching
– Messaging development
– Trend analysis for message shaping
– Storytelling narratives for content projects

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How does Terra’s media relations expertise help you?

  • Knows what works: Since she’s a working television personality, she knows exactly how to help prepare the interviewee for multiple interviews and how to stay on message.   She knows how to teach the needed skills and how to quickly get the interviewee up to speed.
  • Hundreds of experiences to base her guidance: She has a rich history of media interviews with a wide range of experience — print, broadcast, and sit-down interviews.  Terra has made 500+ media appearances for 220+ iconic consumer brands, and her broadcast spokesperson work has a cumulative reach of 563+ million viewers.
  • Knows how to manage the nerves for interviews: Terra is also a working actress and knows what’s it’s like to be nervous for performances and interviews.  She has specific tips and coaching that can help the interviewee be calm and ready, and she also works with the PR team to provide the interviewee with pre-interview background material.

How can Terra maximize your impact with strategic messaging?

  • She has a natural knack for translating difficult concepts into easy-to-digest messaging
  • Terra is a collaborative leader and consultant able to advise in-house PR teams — she has a degree in Public Relations and had her own PR consulting firm before she became a media personality
  • Terra is a proven talent for developing strategic trend analysis and high-impact creative content for brand awareness and influencing consumer behavior
  • As a polycreative, she has a lifelong penchant toward purpose-driven, narrative-rich storytelling
  • Her deep expertise in lifestyle, healthy living, and eco topics provide immediate strategic advantage

Terra Wellington is a lifestyle media personality and actress who is one of the country’s foremost wellness and eco-lifestyle authorities.  She’s Editor in Chief at, an inspirational lifestyle site that also features the content of many of her media projects.  

A successful author and brand ambassador, Terra is known for her professionalism, preparation, and marketing insights.  She appears regularly on television stations across the country. 

And she has worked with over 220 brands and campaigns to successfully amplify their messages and gain brand and campaign recognition.  She looks forward to working with you!!