Media Coaching with
Terra Wellington

For executives, public figures, spokespeople, and creative talent

Terra Wellington is a high-end spokesperson and American actor and writer, she has given over 2000+ media interviews and 500+ media appearances. And now, she’s giving back.

She has been in your shoes for media interviews and events. And Terra knows what it’s like to be in front of a lot of people under both live and taped conditions. High pressure and high stakes is her specialty.

Learn from someone who knows how to manage the prep, the nerves, and the delivery. Create your own customized get-ready process with Terra’s help. You can master how to do this with ease.


  • Learn how to be authentic and craft messaging just for your voice
  • Build skills that help you to be comfortable in your body and be present for your interviews
  • Know what to expect for your specific interview or event so you can more easily relax


  • Strengthen your personalized preparation steps so that you can use them over and over to be completely ready for your interview or event
  • Obtain tips on how to turn your messaging into bite-sized bits that you can deliver – even if it’s corporate / marketing language*
  • Expand your ability to sound more conversational with your media answers

*messaging writing services available


  • Media interviews
  • Speaking events
  • Press junkets
  • Press conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Promotional touring

She also works with clients on helping them gain additional presentation skills in between events, such as nerve-calming techniques for high-stress events, voice exercises for delivery and presence, crafting messaging, and question-answering skills.

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