SparkPeople Interview Gives Key Weight Loss Tips

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Terra Wellington appears in’s story “11 Beginner’s Weight Loss Mistakes” by Melissa Rudy.  Thanks Melissa!  Key weight loss tips are talked about, including unexpected mistakes that people often make.

The article says —

The first month of a weight-loss journey is a mixed bag of hopes and questions, accomplishments and obstacles—and, of course, the occasional mistake. No matter how motivated and prepared you are, there will inevitably be days when you feel like you just can’t get it right.

Whether it’s an unintentional sugar binge, a string of skipped workouts or unrealistic goals, take comfort in knowing that bumps and obstacles are par for the course. The key is finding the right detours and creative solutions. Don’t let any of these all-too-common blunders derail your weight-loss goals.

11 tips are presented.  Terra talks about how not giving the brain time to adjust to a new diet is a mistake.  Read more