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Every day, millions of women and children around the world walk an average of 3.7 miles in order to collect water that’s often unclean and unsafe for consumption by their families. These millions of women and children spend a collective 125 million hours a day collecting water—only to return to their homes where they labor to ensure the health and well-being of their entire families. —

This holiday season, consider giving to which helps women and families across the world pull themselves out of poverty. provides microcredit loans to help women purchase clean water spouts, washing facilities, and in-home toilets.

Jennifer Schorsch, president of, related one of her favorite success stories at

One of my favorite visits was to a village outside of Bangalore in India where we had made WaterCredit loans available. It was like a microcosm of entrepreneurship. You see all of these women who are no longer waiting or walking for water. In front of one house, you see them rolling incense sticks, and another there [are] herbs laid out drying. We walked by one building with all these loud noises coming out. When we walked in, there were these two huge looms and the women were weaving all this fabric. It was the result of them having their time back – no longer consumed by the need to find water and safe toilets. They now have the ability to apply their immense creativity to earn a greater income.  The women I meet are often standing tall. They’re proud, and they want to tell you they’re providing a better life for their families.

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