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Working on film “Open Window”

(12/10/18) Loved sharing time and talents with Director Aditi Karwa on set with her film “Open Window.”  It’s a short comedy mystery about an old country folk who is new in the neighborhood and decides to visit a doctor for a consultation, where his simmering uneasiness about the doctor family’s reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point.

Healthy Holidays in NYC

(11/30/18) Enjoyed spending time in New York City to talk about how to have healthy holidays.  A big thanks to Headspace, Nissin Foods, UnitedHealthcare, and BoomChicaPop for working with me to give people great tips nationwide.

“Three Hundred Days” film

(10/23/18) I’m incredibly grateful to have just completed my film “Three Hundred Days”!! It’s a beautiful film shot in the high desert in which I play the lead character who struggles in her marriage after their child died. My husband and I meet a pregnant teenager while traveling, and dramatic events cause us to rethink our lives.  Lots of action, car stunts, and “911”-style fast-moving emergency scenes. Here’s a candid, on-location shot —

Talking about Fall Wellness from NYC

(10/10/18) Loved talking coast to coast this month about fall wellness and working with Culturelle Probiotics, Mucinex, NightDrivers, and United Healthcare.  Lots of helpful tips on boosting your immune system, how to feel better if you get the cold or flu, why walking matters, and night driving safety (with the shorter days ahead). You can check out the healthy living tips and other details, along with a 25% product discount for night-driving glasses here.

Lots of Fun For Back-To-School Media Tour

(8/20/18) It was so much fun to work with several companies this past week for Back to School.  A big thanks to Natrol, California Pizza Kitchen, BoomChicaPop, The American Pecan Council, SunButter, Daiya, and UnitedHealthcare. We gave tons of great tips and ideas to help everyone get off to a great start for the school year.  Here’s a link to all the great tips.

Medium – Self-care for the Busy Mom

(7/26/18) Great article here at by Wendy Miller talking about how to not get burned out as a mom and find a balance with your time for self-care.  I give a few tips on raising independent kids.  And there’s some additional great ideas on remembering to have fun, be present, and making a self-care challenge.  Check it out!