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July-August 2020

Television and Digital Combo

40+ million audience guarantee

July 15, 2020
5 Inspiring Healthy Lifestyle Tips ☀️ 

  • Co-op Media Tour — 5 Inspiring Healthy Lifestyle Tips:  With the pandemic still a part of our lives, this July we’re looking for ways to be inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This segment will offer positive ideas. There are things we can do right now for a healthy, happy life. We’ll inspire with tips on at-home eating, staying hydrated, keeping up with healthy habits, creating a home oasis to de-stress, and ideas for enjoying time with the family.  Join the Editor-in-Chief of Terra Wellington. 40+ million audience guarantee. Nationwide TV, Radio, and Digital segments plus online placement.

August 13, 2020
Back to School Health and Wellness 🚌

  • Co-op Media Tour — Back to School Health and Wellness: Whether you’re homeschooling or off to school, this tour is packed with ideas and helps to promote health and eat right.  It’s about healthy habits and products that get you there — food, sleep, personal hygiene, health tech, homeschooling helps, exercise, and more.  Join the Editor-in-Chief of Terra Wellington as we give parents the tips they need to make back to school easier for everyday families.  40+ million audience guarantee. Nationwide TV, Radio, and Digital segments plus online placement.

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40+ MILLION audience guarantee
Propels your grassroots efforts
You get immediate national credibility
Gives customers a reason to care
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High ROI
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Terra Wellington is a lifestyle media personality and actress who is one of the country’s foremost wellness and eco-lifestyle authorities.  She’s Editor in Chief at, an inspirational lifestyle site that also features the content of her Satellite Media Tours.  

A successful author and brand ambassador, Terra is known for her professionalism, preparation, and marketing insights.  She appears regularly on television stations across the country. 

And she has worked with over 220 brands and campaigns to successfully amplify their messages and gain brand and campaign recognition.  She looks forward to working with you!!

Our Co-op Media Tours Include:

  • 20+ media bookings on TV, Radio & Digital outlets with comprehensive monitoring & reporting
  • Airing on two nationally syndicated shows (The Daily Flash and The Daily Buzz) and on one nationwide network (MainStreet Radio) for a total of 650+ stations.
  • Covers all top 20 media markets, including WWOR NY, KDOC LA, WCIU Chicago, and more
  • Posting & sharing on talent platforms
  • Distribution of video and article via a multimedia news release reaching thousands of media outlets


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Additional add-on packages are also available to maximize your impact and integrate with your multiple platforms, including a social media live package and a Custom Content stand-alone package. Custom Content packages are pre-recorded custom segments with only one brand per segment on the scheduled dates of Terra’s co-op SMTs. It’s a great option for brands or campaigns that don’t fit well into a co-op or have specific timing needs with limited budgets. Ask for more info.

About D S Simon Media (DSS) Co-op SMTs:

A DSS Media’s Co-op Tour is a cost-effective and timesaving communications tool – offering a turnkey solution for brands to increase awareness and media impressions. The results help to support your grassroots and integrative marketing efforts, aligning with Terra Wellington’s national credibility and platform. DSS’ experienced producers and in-house media team make sure your project experience is efficient and the results are great. In a co-op media tour, your organization’s product or service is seamlessly integrated into a newsworthy segment with other similar yet non-competing products offering viewers valuable consumer tips by Terra Wellington, your spokesperson.

Also, all Terra Wellington’s tours fully follow FTC guidelines for sponsored media segments.  And both Terra and DSS bring you years of expertise in seamlessly navigating FTC rules in simple ways.   We aim to make disclosure natural and part of the segment’s flow.