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Medium – Self-care for the Busy Mom

Medium - Self-care for the Busy Mom Great article here at Medium.com by Wendy Miller talking about how to not get burned out as a mom and find a balance with your time for self-care.  I give a few tips on raising independent kids.  And there's some additional great ideas on remembering [...]

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Help Children Across the Globe This Holiday Season

Photo Courtesy: UNICEF   Help Children Across the Globe This Holiday Season This holiday season we are reminded of the many refugees across the world whose children need our help.  According to UNICEF's latest report on the state of the world's children, "nearly 250 million children live in countries and [...]

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Terra Supports Let’s Play to Make Active Play a Daily Priority for Kids

Terra Supports Let's Play to Make Active Play a Daily Priority for Kids A recent survey* suggests that screen time doubles from the weekday to weekend, while active play increases by only an hour. These “Wired Warriors” are simply spending too much time in front of their screens. Recently, Terra Wellington teamed with Dr [...]

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New book, The Reducetarian Solution

New Book, The Reducetarian Solution Terra Wellington contributes a chapter in the new book "The Reducetarian Solution" available for pre-order with an April 18, 2017 release.  The book is edited by President and Co-Founder of The Reducetarian Foundation Brian Kateman, with a foreword by Best-Selling Author Mark Bittman. In the chapter, Wellington writes an essay entitled Simple [...]

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Interview with Vitavibes — vegetarians help the environment

Terra Wellington interviewed by Vitavibes The "vegetarians help the environment" article talks about four key environmental benefits of eating less meat.  Terra is quoted about how reducing our meat consumption helps to lessen animal-waste runoff and groundwater pollution, as well as generating fewer greenhouse gasses.  While some livestock farms are better than others with [...]

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SparkPeople Interview, Terra Gives Key Weight Loss Tips

SparkPeople Interview Gives Key Weight Loss Tips Image Courtesy: SparkPeople.com   Terra Wellington appears in SparkPeople.com's story "11 Beginner's Weight Loss Mistakes" by Melissa Rudy.  Thanks Melissa!  Key weight loss tips are talked about, including unexpected mistakes that people often make. The article says -- The first month of a weight-loss journey [...]

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This Season Reach Out to Those Who Need Water

Giving to Water.org Every day, millions of women and children around the world walk an average of 3.7 miles in order to collect water that’s often unclean and unsafe for consumption by their families. These millions of women and children spend a collective 125 million hours a day collecting water—only to return to their [...]

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World Humanitarian Day – Helping Children

  This World Humanitarian Day we are confronting so many people with needs.  130 million people in 2015 are in need of humanitarian assistance with 60 million people forced from their homes in 37 countries.  Unfortunately, 20 billion dollars, according to the U.N., are needed to help confront this crisis. Since 80 percent [...]

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Support Terra for Earth Day — #Trees4Earth

As we enter into the 46th year of celebrating Earth Day, this year's theme is "Trees for the Earth" #Trees4Earth.  Terra Wellington is a proud supporter of Earth Day and encourages the public to conserve and have respect for the environment.  One of her passions is also ocean conservation. Here are just a few [...]

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World Water Day 2016 — How You Can Help

March 22 is World Water Day 2016.  This year's theme is about water and jobs. Nearly all jobs in the world are related to water.  Because of water scarcity or polluted water in some parts of the world, jobs are either dangerous or hard to come by.  By focusing on how enough quantity and quality [...]

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