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Advocacy Work of Terra Wellington

The advocacy work of Terra Wellington looks to slow and reverse climate impacts on local communities. She is a leading voice for climate action, which is the focus in her recent books and in her forthcoming TV series Magnolia Hill.

Additionally, she also weaves in public health awareness and social impact into all her media projects. Issues explored include mental health, ageism, breaking barriers for women, and inclusion for the underrepresented.

Television Guest Appearances

Alongside her writing and journalism work, she has appeared in over 2000 media interviews and guest spots to talk about wellness and eco topics to promote public awareness. She continues to shape public opinion on how to take better care of the planet and each other. Additionally, through her Editor in Chief work at, she has focused on health/eco impacts and solutions for everyday families.

Consulting and Spokesperson Work

Terra consults and serves as spokesperson for brands and initiatives aligned with her work on healthy living and the environment. She has worked with hundreds of brands on brand advising, campaign work, and media messaging. Her work on key communication points is highly sought after because of her ability to speak to everyday families.

Contact for more information on the advocacy work of Terra Wellington and how to work together.

Advocacy work of Terra Wellington